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Welcome to the Association of Physician Assistants In Psychiatry (APAP) web site. APAP is a nonprofit organization for all PAs who encounter patients with mental health concerns. APAP is a constituent organization of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA).

The Association of PAs in Psychiatry is committed to the advancement of PAs working in psychiatry and mental health.


The Association of PAs in Psychiatry is a member driven organization. We strive to be a resource for all PAs, that provides advocacy to state and local practices, access to enrich mental health education and networking opportunities among PAs. We aim to expand access to quality psychiatry and mental health.


Mental health practitioners are needed now more than ever, yet many states fail to recognize PAs as mental health providers. While only 4% of PAs nationwide may practice exclusively in psychiatry, we know that providers encounter patients with mental health challenges in all practice specialties. By increasing one’s competence in mental health, PAs can help reduce the shortage of mental health providers across the nation. By joining you add your voice to this effort and inspire others to do the same.

Expanding Mental Health Practice

Psychiatric CME

Psychiatric Congress is the official APAP Annual Conference.

Join the Psych Congress each year and come join the APAP’s annual meeting.

PA Psychiatric Fellowships

For PA’s interested in a psychiatric fellowship, many options exisit.


Interested in being an advocate for PAs in mental health at your state or national level? There are many ways to be involved in this important process. Current advocacy goals include:

  • All states recognize PAs as mental health providers
  • All states allow PAs to involuntarily hospital patients at risk psychiatrically
  • All states to allow PAs complete certifications of competency when indicated


Struggling with a challenging psychiatric and need additional peer support? The APAP has skilled psychiatric PAs available for case consultation. Is your employer new to hiring PAs in a mental health setting? We can help.