Dear Members

We would like to reach out and wish everyone a happy holiday season!

There are many exciting updates from the APAP as we continue to grow our team and expand our resources.  Our primary focus at the moment is compiling the most accurate, up-to-date database of resources that will be available to you as our members on our website. To achieve this, we do need some support by way of feedback from our continually growing membership base!

Write to us at info@psychpa.com to keep us up to date on any new job offers, up and coming fellowships or relevant CME that you would recommend to our peers.

We are also working to compile a full database by state of existing practice barriers that psychiatric PAs may be encountering. In this endeavor, we would love to hear from you. Let us know at info@psychpa.com what state you are practicing in and your current understanding of the following aspects for psychiatric practice:

1-      In your state, are PAs listed as mental health providers?

2-      Are you able to place patients on a psychiatric and/or substance abuse involuntary hold?

3-      Are you able to prescribe schedule II medications to minors?

4-      Are you authorized to complete and sign legal certification of competency?

If you are encountering additional practice barriers to practicing psychiatry as a PA please let us know.

Additionally we are collaborating with the  PAs in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine to help clear the way for PAs to be included on telepsychiatry providers. Recently, Talkspace has included PAs in this capacity, thanks to the advocacy efforts of the PAVMT. Hopefully more telepsych companies will follow suit creating more growth for psychiatric PAs. As a reminder, scholarships remain for PAs to apply to attend the Psych Congress Elevate. It is a wonderful opportunity to get up to date CME with all costs, including airfare, hotel and conference registration covered. https://elevate.psychcongress.com/elevate-scholars
We look forward to hearing from and will reach out in the new year with further updates. We plan to schedule open conference calls for our members to call in with questions and concerns. 


Exciting News from Psych Congress: Up to 50 Scholarships available (including airfare, hotel and CME cost) for Mental Health Providers, including Psych PA Students and fellows. Apply now and attend Elevate for free! https://elevate.psychcongress.com/elevate-scholars


Hoping this email finds you well and you all had a lovely PA week this month. All of us at the Association of PAs in Psychiatry (APAP) wanted to reach out to say hello and re-connect to update everyone on some exciting changes at the APAP. We appreciate all that you do in your efforts to provide mental health services to patients as the need is so great!  We were very excited to meet many of you at the breakfast meeting of the APAP at the Psych Congress.

Our organization has grown over the past year and now includes six board of directors. Phyllis Peterson, president; James Cannon, treasurer, Jessica Spissinger, secretary and BOD members: Rodney Ho, Robert Sobule and Cathy Judd.  We have been working to solve the logistical issues with our website, email and overall communication glitches.  At the start of the new year our website will have the capacity to have members log on to create profiles and connect with colleagues via a national Psych PA membership directory (accessible only to members and not mandatory). We will have updated job listings, cme, fellowship and advocacy sections as well. As we are 100% volunteer driven, we rely on financial support as well as involvement from members on tasks. At present, our membership is free and this will continue to be the case for the next 6 months. After that time, we will be requesting annual membership dues of $50. To that end, we are also seeking volunteers to help with maintaining content for our website such as job listings as well as helping with social media. Please contact us at info@psychpa.com if you are interested. 


We had a wonderful turnout at our breakfast meeting today! Very excited to see so many enthusiastic PAs working in psychiatry!



We are thrilled to share this insightful article by J. Michael Smith PA-C on PAs in Psychiatry. 2019 Smith – PAs in Psychiatry commentary




Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the Association of PAs in Psychiatry (APAP). We are very excited to expand the practice of PAs in psychiatry and provide support to current and aspiring PAs. We are working on developing our website to be a home for Psych PAs, providing resources for jobs, advocacy, clarify state requirements and reimbursement issues as well as a forum for clinicians to connect and discuss salient clinical issues. Stay tuned for updates and please continue to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact us at info@psychpa.com. We look forward to working together!

–Jessica Spissinger, LICSW, PA-C , CAQ,

Secretary, Association of PAs in Psychiatry