Association of PAs in Psychiatry Board of Directors



Phyllis Peterson, PA-C, CAQ-Psychiatry              Jessica Spissinger, LICSW, PA-C, CAQ-Psychiatry                     James Cannon. DHA, PA-C, CAQ-Psychiatry, ABAAHP, DFAAPA
            President                                                                              Secretary                                                                                        Treasurer



Fellow Board of Directors:


Cathy Judd, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, CAQ-Psychiatry                Robert Sobule, PA-C, CAQ-Psychiatry                    Rodney Ho, PhD, PA-C, CAQ-Psychiatry

Committee Chair Members

J. Michael Smith, DHSc, PA-C, CAQ-Psychiatry

Chair of Media & Communications

History of Association of PAs in Psychiatry

The 1998 House of Delegates of the AAPA granted specialty organization recognition to the Association of Psychiatric Physician Assistants at their meeting in Salt Lake City. Founding member Bill Hardy, PA-C, Tyler Texas, applied for recognition. The first meeting of the APPA was held on May 27,1998 in Salt Lake City. The following members attending; Phyllis Peterson, Lubbock, TX, Bill Hardy, Tyler, TX, Will Mosier, EdD, PA-C, Florida and Jeffrey Schwarz New York, NY. The meeting included review of the bylaws with a suggestion to add HOD Delegate and Alternate to officers. There was also discussion and consensus that the group would focus on adding members and organizing a core curriculum for the 1999 AAPA Conference in Atlanta on psychiatry with the AAPA planning committee.

Statement of Purpose

The Association of PAs In Psychiatry (APAP) is organized for educational, research, publication, and charitable purposes. Accordingly, the purposes of this association are to:

  • Provide Support to Physician Assistants encountering mental health challenges among their patient population
  • Support professional development for PAs who practice in psychiatry.
  • Enlist in advocacy to eliminate state and federal barriers to mental health practice.
  • Collaborate with other professional medical organizations and professionals to expand mental health services on a national and international level
  • Partner with educational groups such as PAEA and NCCPA in development of mental health education and certificate of advanced qualification in psychiatry.

Statement of Purpose

The primary goals of the Association of PAs In Psychiatry (APAP) is to collect, organize, and present information that will help to define and promote the unique professional skills of PAs who practice in the field of mental and psychiatry. Our hope is that as we collectively define our profession, based on each of our individual accomplishments in the practice of psychiatry, we will be able to progress in such areas as:

  • Creating greater job opportunities working with private practice psychiatrists.
  • Establishing professional specialty recognition and productive relationships among state and local mental health authorities.
  • Establishing professional training opportunities for PAs in psychiatry.
  • Creating greater job opportunities with greater autonomy and responsibility within state and local mental health institutions.
  • To assist in establishing fee-for-service guidelines for direct reimbursement from third party payers for PAs in psychiatry.
  • Establishing professional alliances and affiliations with other professional organizations.